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Jade Palace Lock Heart EPISODE 21 RECAP

Jade Palace Lock Heart EPISODE 21 RECAP!!
---an episode of fluff mixed with angst!


So we open with the main song, but with the female version of it. I suspect that QC is singing it?


The episode starts out with the Head enuch proclaiming 4th brother is not to interfere in affairs any longer.

The 4th prince warms up to and links hands with wifey finally.


A Maid enters the palace carrying in her hands coarse cloth for Concubine Xi. Xi’s enunch, Xiao, saves maid from a suspecting guard.

The cloth actually carries medicine for reproduction and is boiled to extract it. Xi wants children with the emperor.


Xiao takes a bit of the medicine and puts it in the tea for the emperor. Too bad, after hearing the head enuch cough, the emperor offers the man the tea and BAM, head enunch falls unconscious.


Xi waits for Emperor, but her servant tells her that her Xiao is now a prisoner.

Emperor wants to investigate the head enuch’s nephew. However, the head enuch makes up an excuse to save his nephew saying that whenever he drinks tea he faints. The emperor goes to see Xiao.


Xi goes to visit her enunch and tells him to stop interfering in her affairs. The enuch tells her that everything he does is for her, she gives a cold response.

The emperor comes a-calling and Xiao Shunzi hurriedly tells her to stab him so that it looks like Xi is taking revenge for the emperor instead of the emperor suspecting something between them.


Ahhh poooor unrequited love!!! Well, then again Xi always shows her feelings after he leaves.


Bitches in the courtyard ragging on Xi saying that the Emperor doesn’t want to visit her. However, Xi pretends to vomit, signifying that she “is” pregnant. She tells them to be careful not to harm her new golden prince. Which is actually never existent. She bullies the doctor into falsifying his report and reporting that she is pregnant.


The emperor comes and Xi tells him the “good news”.


OMG. 14th prince comes and gives prezzies to palace maids. He seems like a nice guy so far……..OR Not.


Xi and QC strolls by and 13th prince decides to eavesdrop with the maids. Xi requests QC to put a good luck charm on the emperor in exchange for support for Eighth prince and her.


QC stuffs charm under the emperor’s pillow and is caught by 13th prince. Awkwardddd.

13th prince takes the charm out from under the pillow while QC gets him pastries. QC finds out that 13th took the charm away.



13th prince comes to visit Xi and flatters the concubine and gives her gifts. What is his motive?

OMG, what the fuck? 13th prince lies and says that QC threw the charm in the garden. Xi suspects QC of betraying her. 13th wonders why Xi doesn’t blame QC. Xi knows that 13th is interfering and tells her servant to hand off the charm to QC to replace.


Oh dear, 4th and 13th prince are slyly planning things. 13th wants to get rid of QC, but HEY 4th says no and rips up the plan. Well, well, 4th has a heart sometimes I suppose. Is 13th the new baddie?


Hmmmm wifey of 4th tells her woes about QC to 13th.


Emperor asks what QC thinks of these pastries from the Mongols. He says wistfully that he shouldn’t have sent his daughter away so young. THIS MUST BE QC’S DOPPLEGANGER. Just saying…..

Emperor wants to see the princess again.


QC takes the pastries that the Emperor declines to eat (because he is too sad) and gives them to Eight to eat. LOL. Eight is suspicious why QC is offering them to him. Eight stuffs his face with them. Oh and we find that Eight is lactose intolerant. And the pastries are full of milk products. Oh Eight, eating them just because its something QC brought. Oh how I love you Eight. The other two princes scold Eight for being reckless. QC says she would feel bad if Eight died. Eight is touched. So cute!!!



Eight can’t bear QC to throw them away. So he takes them to another woman, saying that this one was his “favorite person in the world”. QC makes jealous face and Eight teases her smugly. AHHHHHH the cuteness!

QC makes excuses to defend herself. LOL. Eight starts riding really fast and says he will only stop if she says I like You. He makes her say it louder. LOL. Awwwn and then cute chase.


Gugu, Eight’s relative? (godmother?) Eight presents the pastries to Gugu. QC wonders why Gugu lives in the forest. Eight says Gugu likes living in the forest better than the palace. Gugu and Eight have such a warm relationship. Gugu teases QC and Eight and offers them dinner.


You know, I wonder if this is The Forest.


Gugu gives some girl talk to QC. Gugu tells QC more about Eight’s history about how lonely the guy is. Eight did a lot of pranks to get attention. Awwwn poor guy, no love in your childhood. Gugu is like his mother.


Gugu now talks wistfully about why she likes those milk pastries. About how she underappreciated her husband who committed suicide for her. Her husband made her the same pastries.


Gugu tells this story to QC to tell her to treasure her love and happiness. Seize the day, QC!!! Yeah, you tell her Gugu! Time for QC to stop having cold feet, I know you like Eight!


Eight tells QC whenever he feels suffocated in the palace, he comes to Gugu. QC considers Gugu’s advice. QC ponders on how to remove suspicion of the emperor on Eight. 

QC suggests Eight to go ask the Emperor to throw a party for the Princess? I’m not about this part.


Eight doesn’t want to. QC keeps on bringing up 4th prince and saying how Eight has to beat him. Eight gets super angry about QC keep on mentioning 4th. Eight rides off with her to take her to 4th prince. They get to the gate and QC slaps Eight. She tells him that she did love 4th, but now hates him.


Eight thinks that QC still likes 4th and is rethinking enduring for QC. Eight says he will not look for her anymore until she makes a decision between 4th and him. OH the angst!!


4th prince bashes QC and 13th prince decides he’s on wifey’s side.


9th and 10th prince are playing about with armor. Eight comes stomping through. Those princes tell Eight that they are going on a trip with the Emperor. Eight says he’s coming with.


QC now is all regretful and thinks back on romantic memories. Now she thinks about all the things he’s done for her.


Xi comes strolling with Eight. Awkard tension between QC and Eight. QC says mean words now to Eight because feels hurt about his words earlier. QC says she hopes that Eight goes and never comes back. And that she happy that he is leaving. Tsk tsk, QC.


QC and Eight part ways. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!